About Smart Apron

Find out how a Smart Apron can organize all of your items and make your life easier and hands-free. With all the special features, you can now rest assured, your items will always be safe and secure.

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Kevin Hoy, Founder of Smart ApronĀ®

Meet the Founder

Kevin Hoy is a father, a U.S. Veteran and a dedicated entrepreneur who created Smart Apron while waiting tables at Red Robin, as he found the traditional apron he was given was not very useful and poorly designed. Therefore, he set out to design an apron that would help organize his work items and make him more efficient.

Kevin's first Smart Apron prototype was very simple and it allowed him to test his idea of a multi-functional apron, with many pockets, two with zippers, and an adjustable and locking waistband.

Over the years, Kevin worked diligently on the original prototype and received a U.S. Patent in 2001 for his Smart Apron design efforts. Kevin continued to create new designs while testing them in a variety of environments such as restaurants, bars, with school teachers, in the home, in casinos and bingo halls, as well as at concession stands, with street cart and food truck vendors, face painters and countless other industries throughout the United States.

Meet the Team

In 2016, Kevin was joined by long time Smart Apron supporter Hans Schramm, Joe Kepler, and Kieran Hoy to form the dynamic Smart Apron Team. The team continued to enhance design features by testing them through a Smart Apron focus group, which consisted of past and current customers. The focus group provided the team with invaluable product feedback and design improvement ideas.

In 2018, Cat Dupree joined the team to build the new Smart Apron website and is co-creating the up-and-coming Kickstarter campaign set to launch April, 9 2019.

Presently, the Smart Apron Team is working tirelessly to ensure each design works perfectly for the customer, will improve their overall efficiency and make their lives just a little bit easier.

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