Your Questions Answered

Please see the following FAQ's regarding Smart Apron products. If you require more information, please email us at and we will respond within 48 business hours.

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Why was Smart Apron created?


Founder, Kevin Hoy, created Smart Apron because while waiting tables at Red Robin, he found that the traditional apron was not very useful and poorly designed. Therefore, he set out to design an apron that would actually help people to organize their items and while also allowing them work more efficiently.

What makes a Smart Apron better than a traditional apron?


Smart Aprons are designed by people who have worked in the hospitality industry and used aprons for years. Each design helps to organize every item so they are located at your finger tips. All aprons are sturdy, comfortable to wear, and are more stylish than any other apron on the market today.

Who can use a Smart Apron?


Anyone, such as restaurant servers, golf caddies, dog groomers, casino and bingo staff, street truck vendors, bar staff, for in home use, gardeners, concessions, pool side service, hair dressers, and more.

What are Smart Apron's Features?


Each apron is versatile and multifunctional and contains the following:

  • Up to 7 pockets; 2 zipped, 2 medium and 2 small
  • Adjustable and locking waist band and straps
  • 16+ reinforced stress points
  • Bias overlapped edges and double stitched edges.
  • YKK zippers and D-rings

What fabric is used to make a Smart Apron?


Each apron is made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton. There were many alternatives tested, and it was found that this blend creates a soft feel that is durable, strong, long lasting, with minimal color fade.

Is a Smart Apron washable?


Absolutely! We recommend washing them in cold water and allow them to air dry. If you decide to use a dryer, the lowest setting would be the best option since some components are made from plastic. Smart Apron is a high-end, high quality product, therefore, proper care is essential to ensure a long life span.

Does a Smart Apron have an adjustable waist band?


The waist band is easily adjustable to your waist size. Once you’ve found the proper fit, each time you put it on, it’s a simple snap and you are all set. No more wrapping apron strings around a few times, making a knot and hoping the waist holds for at least a few hours.

What size does the waist band adjust to?


The waist band smallest size is 25” and adjusts to 60”. Note the gaming style’s waist dimensions are 26” to 60”, due to their very wide pockets.

Are Smart Aprons durable?


All Smart Aprons are made with reinforced seems where critical stress points are located, such as pocket corners and other key areas. Other aprons on the market today have single stitched seams in critical locations where hands are placed on a continual basis, causing pockets and other items to rip and tear. Smart Aprons uses bias overlapped and double stitched edges to ensure that each apron is built to last.

Will a smart phone or tablet fit into a Smart Apron?


Yes. They can accommodate nearly every iPhone or Android device and also holds tablets up to 10” x 10” inside the Gaming Apron while all other styles allow for tablets 7.5” x 9” or smaller.  

Can a custom logo be added to a Smart Apron?


Yes. With a minimum order of 25 aprons, we can either add heat transfer decals, silk screen or use embroidery. Set-up costs vary, so please e-mail us at and we will provide you with a quote.

Is Smart Apron accepting wholesalers to join their distribution network?


Yes, we are. Please contact us at or call/text to (480) 688-3771 so we can add you to the wholesaler network.

What happens if a component breaks on a Smart Apron?


There is a 90-day guarantee on all aprons. Contact us at if you encounter an issue with any apron and we will provide you with a full refund.

How do we contact Smart Apron with questions?


Please feel free to e-mail us at or call/text us at 480-688-3771, as we’d love to hear from you!