Smart Apron Vlog

Episode #1

In this first Smart Apron VLOG, Kevin Hoy, the product's inventor, explains how the original Smart Apron was created, gives in-depth details about the current 8 new Smart Apron designs and information about the up-and-coming, Smart Apron Kickstarter project launch, proposed for April 2019.

Episode #2

Introducing Smart Apron for kids. We had Ruby test the new design and she absolutely loves it! Kids Smart Aprons will be available on Kickstarter starting April 9, 2019. Sign up now to be on the notification list to know when it goes live.

Episode #3

Find out why Smart Apron is using Kickstarter to launch their product and how you can sign up to receive an additional Smart Apron for FREE when you pledge to purchase an apron on April 9, 2019.

Episode #4

Watch why Smart Apron Gaming Aprons are different from the rest. They have extra large pockets so that you can hold big items such as bingo cards, poker chips, and more.

Episode #5

Bib Smart Aprons now include a revolutionary new feature...a quick release clip for the collar. This allows you to take off and put on your apron without having to adjust the neck band each time.

Episode #7

Episode #6

Get an inside look into Smart Apron HQ and see where all the magic happens. Everyone is hard at work getting everything ready for the Kickstarter launch on Tuesday, April 9, including members of the marketing team and even our mascot, Sophie.

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