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Kevin Hoy is a father, a U.S. Veteran and a dedicated entrepreneur who created the original Smart Apron design while waiting tables at Red Robin. Kevin's first Waist Style Smart Apron prototype was simple but allowed him to test his idea of building a multi-functional apron, with 7 pockets, two with zippers and other innovative features to make him more efficient at this job, and save time and money.

Kevin was fortunate to have three long time Smart Apron supporters join him to create today's Smart Apron team; Hans Schramm, Joe Kepler and Kieran Hoy. The Smart Apron team has worked tirelessly to ensure every new Smart Apron design works perfectly for their customers.

Therefore, after years of testing, creating 100’s of prototypes, developing 10 different designs, perfecting a balance between fabric and components, and learning about the countless facets and pitfalls in mass production manufacturing, Smart Aprons are now poised to revolutionize future work apron design.

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